Final GSoC status report

8 minute read | 2023-08-25

It's 5am and I have a headache. The perfect time for some reflection!

GSoC status report 4

5 minute read | 2023-07-09

I'm suffering from having a mortal form again, but things are moving in the general direction of progress.

GSoC status report 3

4 minute read | 2023-06-24

API design is kinda tricky.

GSoC status report 2

3 minute read | 2023-06-17

The world tried to stop me, but I pushed through and got some work done on wlroots.

GSoC status report 1

3 minute read | 2023-06-03

The first week of GSoC is over! I'm working on presentation scheduling in wlroots. Here's how it's going.

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